My Story

My first professional art I made was painting faces of fashion models on t-shirts for my friends during my high school years. Soon I began showing my hand painted clothing in consignment shops and later in boutiques in New York city. I chilled out on doing hand painted clothing when I began to work in an art supply store and started interacting with many different artist & experimenting with all types of materials.

I started showing in art shows in California after getting my degree in studio art @ Bard College. I was still an abstract painter at that point but continued doing illustration gigs on the side and tried to figure out what kind of artist I was. I did illustration for magazines, tshirt designers, and conceptual illustration for films trying as many different fields of art as I could to see what seemed to fit for me.

After many years as a freelance illustrator and participating in occasional art projects and exhibitions I realized I just wanted to concentrate on developing as a painter. I moved to New Orleans, where I had lived a few times before, and dedicated myself to being a fine artist refining my style and trying to figure out what I wanted to specifically develop in my work.

My last seven years spent living in New Orleans has had a serious influence on my work. I now live and work in a rural area near the Catskill Mountains. The paintings I create currently are multi layered impressionistic portraits of dreamy goddesses and street art inspired dogs, street scenes and iconic pop stars.  I love the personal connection that viewers find in my work and love that they want to own and have my paintings become a part of their lives. Please contact me if you have further questions about my process, exhibiting or purchasing my work. Thank you.


Art CV

Solo Exhibitions
Feb.2017-Oct.2019 “Dollface Show-Love Parade” Kawaii NOLA, New Orleans, LA
Feb.2014 “Love Parade”-Gravier Social, New Orleans, LA
Oct. 2013  “Maskers”-BAL Gallery, New Orleans, LA
Mar. 2013  “Love Mutant”-Big Moni Luv Studios, New Orleans, LA
May 2007  “Pop Parade”-Sputnik Ranch, New Orleans, LA
Apr. 2005  “Modern Panic”- Mezzanote, Syracuse, NY
Oct. 2003  “Playthings”-Happy Endings, Syracuse, NY
Oct. 2002  “Monsters & Playthings”-Bard College- Bertlesmann Campus Center, Annandale, NY
Oct. 2002  “Monsters & Playthings”- SkyBox Gallery, Kingston, NY
Group Exhibitions
Mar. 2017-NOLA NEW POP 2017 @ Artisan Cafe & Bar, New Orleans, LA
Apr. 2013-Current-Fifi Mahoney’s Salon, New Orleans, LA
Jan. 2013-June 2015-Lisa Victoria Gallery, New Orleans, LA
Jul. 2013  “A Chewbacchus Art Show “- Big Top 3 Ring Circus, New Orleans, LA
Aug. 2012 “Circus Circus”- Big Top 3 Ring Circus, New Orleans, LA
Jul. 2012 “Reflexion & Projexion”- 930 Poydras, New Orleans, LA
May 2012 “Artist As Entrepreneur Graduate Showcase”-New Orleans Exchange Centre, New Orleans, LA
Nov. 2011 “Rock Art Circus”- d.b.a. New Orleans, LA
Oct. 2010  “Galerie Macabre”- L’ Art Noir, New Orleans, LA
Jun. 2008  “Contemporary Summer Show”- Contemporary Gallery, Syracuse, NY
Jun. 2008  “Graff,Politics, & Pinups”- Sarajane & Co. Gallery, Sacramento, CA
May  2008  “Carnivora-“The Dark Art of the Automobile”- L’ Imagerie Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Feb. 2008  “Dirty Show 9″-International Erotic Art Exhibition”- Detroit, MI
Feb. 2008  “Super Trash”-The Night Gallery/Floating World Comics, Portland, OR
Jan. 2008  “Carnivora-“The Dark Art of the Automobile”- C POP Gallery, Detroit, MI
Jan. 2007  “Things To Come”- L’ Art Noir, New Orleans, LA
Jun. 2004  “Tattoo Art Show”-Toyroom Gallery, Sacramento, CA
Jun. 2004  “Son of Sammy’s”- Half Penny Pub, Syracuse, NY
Mar. 2004  “Complimentary Headache”-SXSW-Flatstock artist show”-Ruta Maya, Austin, TX
Books & Publications
DIME Magazine-Feature article Hattiesburgh, MS-March 2017
Advocate Newspaper-article-February 2017
ArtVoices-Full page w/ bio- Los Angeles, CA- Winter 2013
Offbeat-Jazz Fest Bible-Tom Petty & A-Z Bands of JazzFest listing Illustrations- New Orleans, LA- April-May 2012
Offbeat- Colin Lake illustration-New Orleans, LA- April 2012
Post Standard-” Times Change For Liverpool Artist” article & paintings-Syracuse, NY- Winter 2009
Submerge Magazine- “Welcome To the Carnival” article & illustrations-Sacramento, CA- Summer 2008
I want Your Skull #4-full page illustration-Winter 2008
Carnivora-“The Dark Art of the Automobile”-coffee table book,full page painting- Spring 2008
Bizarre Magazine-illustration-England- Fall 2006
Modern Panic- Self-Published art zine- Summer 2005
Electric Frankenstein Poster Book- coffee table book, two illustrations.- Spring 2004
Texas Roller Girls- Press Kit magazine- All illustrations-Austin, TX- Spring 2004
Art Society of Kingston- Gallery guide, cover and article-Kingston,NY-Fall 2002
Hudson Valley Magazine- pictured w/ painting-Hudson Valley,NY- Fall 1995
Events & Charity Benefits
“My Darlin’ New Orleans” HBO’s Treme 3rd Annual Silent Auction-New Orleans,LA- Spring 2012
YLC Wednesday @ The Square-Live painting-New Orleans,LA- Spring-Summer 2011
Big Easy Roller Girls-Live painting-New Orleans,LA- Spring 2011
“Pawcasso” 2011-Live painting, benefit for SANS- Syracuse,NY- Winter 2011
“WoofStock” SPCA Benefit event-Oswego, NY SPCA- Summer 2010
“60/60” Everson Museum benefit live painting event -Syracuse,NY- Summer 2010
Steadfast Foundation-Ryan Miller’s foundation Silent auction-Buffalo,NY- Fall 2009
“Pawcasso” 2009  Art silent auction benefit for SANS(Syracuse Spay & Neuter)- Winter 2009
Volunteer, THINC (Company Gallery)-Syracuse,NY -2002-2005
Artist As Entrepreneur Graduate, Arts Council of New Orleans- 2012
Bard College, BA Studio Art Major-Annandale, NY- 1998
Barry Windsor Smith Studios, comic book illustration, Kingston,NY- Winter 1995

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Trying to locate Lisa Victoria since she stiffed us for $1500 since April 14 2016. We put 50% down on a commissioned piece which she has never delivered and now won’t respond with calls and texts. Can you help us since your name comes up as an artist at her gallery. Thanks


    1. Hi Cheryl, Sorry to hear that. I left the gallery about a year before they closed and it was a kinda bad break up so I haven’t been in contact with them since then even though they have some paintings of mine they promised to return to me and likely never will. I’m not sure if they are still in New Orleans now but Lisa’s husbands name is Paul Schwagg if that helps.


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